Tátra tram contactor

SA 16 contactor (relay) creates a current contact between 2 tram parts. This contactor is renewed for the modernized Tátra tram and is produced by us.

SC 14 contactor

Contactor SC 14 along with SA-16 provides the current contact between single cars. Our company deals with both the renovation and assembly of both kinds of contactors.

Resistance contactors

Contactor SA 15 in the tram reduces the resistance towards the engine. (If it’s switched off or the resistance is reduced, the tram gets a suitable amount of current). In the new type of tram (in the modernized one) 11 pieces of contactors are needed. Our company does the production and renovation of these contactors.

Contactor SE11

This contactor is responsible for heating, door opening and lighting in the tram. It controls them. Our company does the renovation, correction of the contactors SE11 for the perfect function.

Contactors RD11 + RA406

These contactors (always in 4 piece unit) are responsible for the brakes, the doors and current control and for the perfect function of the rail brake in the trams. Contactors are renewed, tested and built back in.

Roof switch (section switch)

It is the switch of the tram’s mainstream. By means of it, a suitable number of cars can be connected and because of the position of the switch the heading can be chosen. We are renovating and testing the section switches.

Reversing engine BC20

Reversing engine BC-20 is responsible that the tram goes forward or backwards. The reversing engine BC20 is controlled by contactors. We do the complete renovation and correction of the errors of the reversing engine.

Leading controller

The leader controller can be found in the industrial jointed trams and the undergrounds. The leader controller switches the relays which increases the performance. The train accelerates or brakes. (The leader controller is the velocity regulator). We do the renovation and correction of the leader controller.

Rail buffer stones

Rail buffer stones are manufactured to eliminate smaller and bigger rail defects, on open orbit or even in the bypasses. The rail buffer stones, produced by us, are perfectly safe as we obey the classification ISO9001

Renewed Bosch feeder (For buses Man)

The Bosh feeder drives the engine, and is responsible for fuel supply. The Bosch feeder is repaired and renovated according to strict vocational governing principles.

Squirting pump for bus Volvo 7700

This Bosch feeder feeds the suitable amount of gas oil for the buses Volvo 7700. The feeding is electric and we do the renovation, and the renovated feeding is sent back.

IKARUS feeder

Rába engine feeder D10 is for buses Ikarus. Full renovation and assembly is done by our experts.

Engine controller electronics

Engine controller electronics for Buses MAN are produced, repaired and distributed. The engine controller diagnostics is the soul of the buses MAN since it diagnoses, runs the engine while it gives feedbacks about its condition.

Mercedes bus door controller electronics

This printed circuit (which we make and repair) is the door controller electronics of the bus Mercedes, which regulates the opening and closing of all doors of the bus.

Tram battery charger

Its task is to recharge the batteries of the trams, so that’s why we produce, renew, assembly it with modern semi-conductors. (It can charge the batteries of more trams at the same time)

main inverter of Suburban train

This main inverter is responsible for the charging the battery of the suburban train. 10 or even 12 batteries can be recharged at the same time.

Mucus, panel production

On your request, quasi any kind of mucus and panel components can be manufactured with the most modern technology with the shortest deadline.

panel production

Not only do we manufacture mucus but we solder the electric components into the mucus sheet based on the suitable circuit diagram.

Workstations, assembling workshop where the components for buses are assembled and renewed.

Our new, huge assembling workshop, hall is even suitable for assembling a full bus.