We manufacture anything you need

When we say that we manufacture anything it means that we can really do it. From the tiniest, silver blank contact (can be made of four silver number nine) to the quarter ton engine apart from the fact that we have done such a work before.

This is how we manufacture it

Only two things are needed in order to manufacture what you would like. We need a photo of it (or a few), to see the component, the object. This photo has to be sent then (you can do it even now, here below with the uploading form, or it can be posted or emailed to us)
(If the object has a connection, structural or any other kind of drawing, it is a big help if sent to us) If you have a special request, write us and the process begins immediately. We tell you a step by a step process.

1: Upload the photo and give your phone number (if we have questions, we call you). When the photo is received, an email is sent to you within 24 hours (if no email is sent, then immediately call 06 24 485 948 because some errors might have happened)
2: Within 72 hours we tell you when it is ready, how much it will be and if requested we begin the manufacturing process.
3: As the first step of manufacturing process we draw up the work piece to be manufactured. Our engineers prepare a circuit diagram, a technical drawing and all specifications are checked with you.
4: We prepare a sample, and this is either delivered to you, or you come to us to look at it, to test it, and we sign the production contract in which everything is planned and discussed.
5: The production begins, then the product is delivered to you. This is how simply we manufacture anything.

What can we manufacture for you? Upload now

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